Founded in 2007 by Becky and Kipp Fawcett, is a 501c3 certified adoption grant program based in the United States. The program awards larger grants of up to $15,000, although a typical grant will usually total about $8,500. Funds are typically garnered through both private donations, and fundraisers held in major U.S. cities, including New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

HelpUsAdopt works with both single and two-parent families as well as same-sex households, does not require a statement of faith or religion, and does not charge for an initial application.

Since its founding, HelpUsAdopt has given financial assistance to 107 families by awarding a total of $920,000 in adoption-related grants.

Grant Information

Families may apply once annually as long as they are still in the adoption process. Basic information such as a certified home study, recent tax return, and personal statement are necessary for a complete application.

Application deadlines are approximately two weeks before the grant selection month. There are three deadlines per year, which are clearly outlined on their website.

The selection cycle can last up to a month, meaning that if an applicant submits their application by April 15 for the June cycle, their application will be reviewed and accepted or denied by June 30. If awarded, money is given directly to the applicant's service provider to be dispensed as expenses come up.

Specific Qualifications

HelpUsAdopt has several important specific requirements for loan applicants to be approved. They are:

  • Citizenship and residence in the United States
  • Demonstration of financial need or specific hardship resulting from the adoption process
  • Demonstrable association with a licensed adoption agency or lawyer, with contact information for the adoption service used
  • No current, ongoing treatment for infertility simultaneous to the adoption process
  • Must be currently in the adoption process; reimbursement is not one of HelpUsAdopt's services

When approving applications, HelpUsAdopt places priority on applicants that are either without children or that have experienced failed or disrupted first-time placements. Approved applications are notified by phone. Telephone interviews can also be part of the approval process.

Contact Information

Mailing: PO Box 787New York, NY 10150

Phone: 917.684.5484



(Updated: Jan. 2017)