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Using Stories to Make Sense of Early Trauma

How telling stories can help your child heal.

Adoptable Kids / Pennsylvania  


Lynn is a 12-year-old boy from Pennsylvania who is hoping to be adopted.

Lynn is a young girl with brown hair and a beautiful smile. She has lots of hobbies such as reading, ...more


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Do you tell the school?

AS is starting school and the teacher has asked each family to complete a short form about our son. ... more
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Telling The Truth

An adoptive mother ponders how and when to tell her young daughter about her origins.

Adoptable Kids / Europe  


Bethany is a 5-year-old girl from Europe who is hoping to be adopted.

Cheerful, easygoing. HIV. Has a brother DOB: 2005. Brother HIV+ too. More information will be provided ...more

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Feeling Abandoned

Recognize behaviors and teach children to deal with their emotions.