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Adoption.com Launches Fundraising Platform

The new service will allow individuals to request and donate funds to adoption-related projects.

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Birth Mom’s Perspective: Our Relationship Now

Like any relationship, the one between a birth mom and her adoptive couple is fluid and should be able to evolve as the people do.


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I fail to understand is why so many 1st time posters with zero experience in the lifetime consequences of... more
by paigeturner / 22 days ago
Parent Profiles / New Jersey  

Carrie & Sarah

Thank you for considering open adoption, and allowing us the opportunity to share our story with you. We ... more

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Teen Birth Mother Provides Breast Milk for Baby

There are many benefits to open adoption.

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A Birth Mother’s Story

Have You Seen This?

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Abortion Survivor Promotes Adoption

Claire Culwell knows her life is a miracle.


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Can’t decide

Hello, I am 20, married and in the hardest decision of my life. My husband and I have a 6 month old ... more
by Gpool28 / 24 days ago
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Jim & April

Our hearts are full with only being able to imagine all that is going through your mind during this time... more

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New Jersey Surrogacy Bill Not a Violation to Adoption Laws

Once again, lawmakers are pushing a surrogacy bill to pass.


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Young mother of 3, pregnant and considering adoption

Hello, I am a young mother (24) of 3 beautiful children ages 4, 3, and 2. I am about 5 months pregnant ... more
by Meli90 / 2 months ago
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Bryce & Courtney

Okay, can I just say something crazy? We already love you. Crazy? You bet. Do we care? Nope. Did we ... more

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The Real Birth Moms Project | Part 9

What is something about yourself that you love?

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The Real Birth Moms Project | Part 8

What is your biggest fear in adoption?

Why Adoption? / Article 

The Real Birth Moms Project | Part 6

What helps you live your life in your new normal?


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Wonder what it feels like to be adopted?

We would love you to experience our strengths, hopes, and journeys. Please visit [url]www.facebook.... more
by AdopteeInRecovery / 4 months ago
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Dylan & Jennifer

Thank you for choosing adoption. We appreciate you taking the time to consider if we might be a good ... more

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