We read and hear all the time the opinions and thoughts of the adults in the adoption triad and so I decided to ask my children (ages nine and ten) some thoughts on adoption so far that they’d be willing to share. Here’s what they had to say.

What does adoption mean to you?

“I guess it’s kind of special. It’s not something you do every day.”

“Adoption means that I wasn’t born in my mom’s stomach.”

“Adoption is just part of my life. I really don’t think about it.”

“It’s a good thing because you’ll finally have a family and not be an orphan.”

“It feels normal, but strange.”

“I like having Families of FANA (our local adoption support group) in my life because they support kids at FANA and they don’t have to do that.”

“My favorite part about Spanish camp is cooking and Señor Sam (an adoptive father and Spanish camp volunteer) and seeing my friends.”

What does family mean to you?

“I’m excited at the thought of maybe meeting birth family someday, but my adoptive family feels like my family.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being adopted. It’s not anything bad. Your parents went through all that trouble just to get you.”

“I think of how much you have to get baby bottles and everything for your children. Maybe it’s nerve-racking . . . how your child will be and everything. And exciting because you finally actually have a family. I feel like I fit into my family.”

“If I could, I would want to see what they (my birth family) would be like.

Tell me about talking about adoption with other kids.

“It’s a little embarrassing because people from class have asked, ‘Are you adopted or something?’ I kind of say that it’s a little special to be adopted because you’re different than others.”

What would you like to say to other adoptees?

“Good luck. I’m happy that you have a family.”