Just over two years ago we were experiencing what would be our last “failed” adoption before having our sweet little LT placed with us. I use quotes on failed because we never got very far into it. It seems silly to admit this but even though we hadn’t even met the expectant mother it was a huge blow to my faith. At the time I didn’t feel like we would ever be parents. The waiting was incredibly hard. Our caseworker was exceptionally cheerful and tried her hardest to boost our spirits saying she knew it wouldn’t be long before we were chosen. I had my doubts and started sifting through the long list in my mind of how we’d coped over the last year or so in case we needed to revisit those activities.

Here are 5 ways we kept our sanity while waiting:

1. Running or other physical activity. We found that running together or bicycling together was not only a great way to bond but we’d be getting healthier and a great example to our child.

2. Do the things you wouldn’t be able to do with a baby. We ended up buying a motorcycle and went for long rides at every chance we had. It served as a great distraction.

3. Be spontaneous. We would take random little day trips. For example, one time we decided to drive up to Idaho to play the lottery. We ended up staying for a late lunch and walked around town for a while.

4. Take time for yourself. Go get a massage, learn a new skill, and find a new hobby.

5. Get involved. Pick something that you’re passionate about, find a group/committee for it and volunteer.

This is but a short list of how we passed the time while waiting. While it didn’t take our minds completely off of our situation, it helped remind us that we have fun together and we will be just fine. It also helped us to think of things we wanted to do with our son. Luckily at almost 20 months he’s already a gigantic fan of the jogging stroller. Just the other day he asked to get out of the stroller to run next to me. Time will pass whether you sit on your couch twiddling your thumbs or you get active and make things happen. So why not make more happen? Also the photo ops from all these new activities are great for your profile book.