7 Hilarious Moments of the Adoption Experience

The adoption experience can be stressful, but don't forget that a sense of humor through it all can go a long way. Here are 7 hilarious moments we just had to share.

Rebekah Yahoves June 20, 2018

The adoption experience is bathed in emotions: hope, sorrow, impatience, and joy. Who would have thought it could be so funny? New parents have shared some of their amusing, laugh-out-loud moments with Adoption.com.


Toilet Wonders
1. Toilet Wonders

“When we first adopted from a foreign country, my kids were amazed at how the water swirled in American toilets. They would hang out in the bathroom and marvel at the water going down with reverence and awe.” Liz Patterson from Colorado

Burnin’ Up
2. Burnin’ Up

“When our kids’ foster family in Poland asked us about the climate in the U.S., we used Google translate and told them that it was like Poland but a little warmer. It was 80 degrees at home that day. Their foster mother got a shocked look on her face. It then occurred to me that the Polish measure their temperature in Celsius. She probably thought we were moving the kids to the surface of the sun!” Rene Walker from North Carolina

Are You My Brother?
3. Are You My Brother?

“We haven’t completed our adoption yet, but every time a child comes over, my kids ask if he is the one we are adopting!” Susan McCormick from North Carolina

Gimme My Money
4. Gimme My Money

“Our kids had limited exposure to English before we met them, but they had apparently watched a lot of British TV shows. The day we met my daughter, unaware of what it meant, the first thing she said to us in English was ‘Daddy, may I have my allowance?’ My husband looked shocked and said ‘So, should I get my wallet out or what?’” Shaunna Patton from Kentucky

No Speak-a English
5. No Speak-a English

“Our 4-year-old had been home about six months and was still learning the nuances of English. She was, however, very expressive. She would get exasperated with me or her American-born big brother and exclaim ‘I don’t ‘member! I from PO-LAND.’ It sounded like she was using her immigrant status as a cop-out.” Marbee Hardee from Missouri

Very Disappointing
6. Very Disappointing

“While my adopted son was still learning English, my dad, his new grandpa, told him that he was taking grandma out on a date. My son gasped and said ‘Poppy, I am very disappointing in you!’” Rebekah Yahoves from New York

7. Micro-Love

“My son’s birth mother found us looking for a child to adopt through the Pennysaver. She was actually hunting for a microwave at the time. She said she killed two birds with one stone!” Debbie Manos from New York

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Rebekah Yahoves

Rebekah Yahoves is a writer, mother, and music teacher from Long Island. In 2016, she adopted three school-aged siblings from Poland at the same time. When she isn't constructing casseroles or tuning violins, Rebekah likes to go on tea binges and read.

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