What is the adopt meaning? For most, it is the quintessential definition of unconditional love, especially for the two mothers involved. One mother makes the decision to relinquish her rights as her child’s guardian so that her child is able to have a mother and family that will give him every ounce of love and affection he requires in life. There is no greater gift than the gift of life, and through adoption, both mothers involved are able to give that unique gift to a child in two completely different ways.

One mother gives the child life through a literal sense. She carries the child within her body, creating the first home for such an innocent being. She provides nutrients and security so that her child will be as healthy as can be when she arrives into the world. She does all of this to prepare her child for the greatest journey she will embark on. This mother understands what the adopt meaning is and understands how imperative it will be for her child. The other mother waits in anticipation as her soon to be son or daughter is preparing to enter the world, unaware of the love that develops each and every day inside this waiting mother’s heart. This mother receives the call that a baby is waiting for his forever home, and so she makes that wish into a reality. She is responsible for discovering what her child finds palatable and what she utterly despises. She is responsible for the transition from training wheels to a fully functioning two-wheel bike, fully equipped with a helmet and all. She is responsible to handle the “I hate yous” and the “I love yous.” She is responsible for allowing her child to live. She understands the adopt meaning as strongly as the other mother does, but in a completely different facet.

However, this is all one adoptee’s opinion. I understand the struggle my birth mother had to endure in deciding to place me for adoption, but I also understand the desire my adoptive mother had in wanting to be called mom. I know that they both understand what adoption means and how that impacts both their lives and my life simultaneously. For those readers who wish to understand more about what the adopt meaning really is, Adoption.com has some highly resourceful information for those curious minds. For example, on their wiki page, the first article discusses a more concrete definition of what adoption is and what it means. It explains the more legislative side to adoption, but also delves into the effects adoption can have on those involved as well. Another useful link you may want to consider in attempting to determine what the adopt meaning is, is the adoption glossary also found on the wiki page. Here, any and all potential terms related to adoption can be found so that anyone interested in adoption in any aspect can discover the different types of adoption that exist along with every other term associated with the process.

If the reader wishes to stray from the more legal side of adoption to the more emotional side, Parent Profiles is the place to go. Here, under the profiles section of Adoption.com, prospective readers can familiarize themselves with those looking to adopt. This particular area of Adoption.com is especially helpful in understanding what the adopt meaning is because readers will see how invested and how energetic people are to make adoption a part of their story. There are, of course, more of the logistics located underneath the adopt tab in the profiles section for those who want both the legal and heartfelt sides to adoption. If the reader wants even more personalized opinions when it comes to adoption, he or she can always check out the thousands of articles to see what adoptees and adopters alike have to say about a myriad of topics surrounding adoption. Take for example the article entitled “My Five Most Favorite Quotes for Adoptive Parents,” written by Jennifer Mellon. Within this article, Mellon prepares a slideshow with five different quotes that all relate to the impact adoption has on adoptive parents. Each quote explains in some capacity what the adopt meaning is, particularly for the adoptive parents. This article would be an excellent start for the reader in researching the full meaning of what adoption really is. Another good article to look at while in the article section of Adoption.com is this article. This guide, written by Sarah M. Baker details the myths behind adoption and debunks each of them. This is an important article to read for those yearning to discover the true meaning behind adoption because it will eliminate any preconceived notions you may already have had about adoption. It will allow the reader to begin with a blank slate almost in regards to adoption and what it really means. This is a solid contender for a first read article to automatically abolish any stereotypes or myths regarding adoption.

Another good resource for any interested readers or prospective adopters is the forums page of Adoption.com. Here, people can ask any question publicly and receive any and all the answers other readers are willing to give. In this particular case, if you are wanting to learn more about the adopt meaning, you should view the second forum after searching “what does adoption mean” in the search bar. Here is an excellent example of understanding what adoption means to a potential adoptee which can further educate the reader on the adopt meaning. One last place a reader can go to learn more about what adoption means and how intricate of a question that really is, is the guides section of Adoption.com. Within this section lies a guide for pretty much any type of adoption an individual wishes to pursue or learn more about. For example, there are guides for those wishing to incorporate religion into their adoption process and how to do that as well as a celebrity guide detailing how widespread adoption is.

Needless to say, the tools are endless for anyone interested in learning more about adoption for personal knowledge or as a prospective adoptive parent. Adoption.com offers a wide variety of knowledge from a wide variety of sources so that the reader is experiencing every single aspect and facet related to adoption from every perspective possible. As an adoptee myself, I have a perspective on adoption that varies from my birth parents and my adoptive parents. We all went through the same process, but its effects on us were all varied. I think that is the main thing to take away from this. In attempting to discover what the adopt meaning really is, you may realize that is something that will never be fully concrete. If you ask an adoptee, a birth mother, and an adoptive mother what adoption means you will get three completely different answers. Sure, they may have overlapping themes that correlate, but the intention behind those will vary. There may be more depth in one answer than another or emotion may be more prevalent for one person than another. There will never be a fully concrete, textbook definition to what adoption is or what it means and that is where the intrigue really lies.

It is easy to assume what adoption is or what the adopt meaning is, but an assumption is purely that. It is a personal opinion about what adoption is. And for the most part, it primarily sits solely on the surface of what adoption really is. It remains in a place situated somewhere between “giving up a child to have a better life” to having to constantly explain why your birth parents “didn’t want you.” It sounds absurd and slightly rude mainly because, well, it is. That is the notion most people will be content in sticking with when asked about adoption or what it means. But, what people need to comprehend, which Adoption.com and its resources can aid in, is that adoption is individualized. It is a process that may seem similar in every case, but that is untrue. There are a multitude of varying aspects and characteristics to an adoption that makes each case uniquely different. Adoption.com is a crucial source in allowing that distinction to be seen and heard. Readers can get information from every point of view involved in the adoption process. This alone allows for a more well-rounded, whole, and personal definition of what adoption is. Even as an adoptee, in doing the research for this article, I have learned something new about what that adopt meaning is and how that varies so greatly from person to person, case to case. If you are interested in learning more about adoption or what it means, I encourage you to browse around Adoption.com. Each section within the website could be a site of its own because each is filled with an abundance of knowledge and personal accounts. That combination is what truly grants you the opportunity to fully understand the adopt meaning.

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