Many people fear the unknown or unforeseen future. A few people may thrive on it. But it is not unusual to become apprehensive when facing a major life change. Children who are adopted and searching for their biological parents are more than familiar with these feelings. For years, most adoptions were closed. A closed adoption restricts access to the records and details about an adoption to the biological parents, adoptive family, and the adoptee.

That was the case for Noelle Geno. She was placed in foster care as a baby and adopted a few months later by her incredible, adoptive family. She grew up in a loving home with her parents and brother, who was also adopted. Noelle’s parents were very open and positive about her adoption. Noelle always knew her adoption story, but had questions about her biological mother: Did Noelle have other siblings? Did she look like her mother? Where did she get the color of her eyes?


On Noelle’s 18th birthday, she went to her adoption agency to request information about her birth family but was told her records were sealed. Naturally, Noelle was disappointed as she realized the answers to her questions were not going to be as easily accessible as she thought.  She continued to search for information on her biological mother over the next several years but was never successful

Noelle’s brother also started a search for his biological mother. Unlike Noelle, he was successful. He found his biological mother through Facebook and social media.  Noelle and her parents were very happy for him and watched with delight when he met her. His success with Facebook motivated Noelle to reattempt her search as she posts a Facebook video about her adoption story.

On birth mother’s day, Noelle had a spontaneous prompting to post a video and information that she was searching for her biological mother. She said, “I can’t believe I am doing this, but the time has come. When you know you just know. Thank you in advance for your help with this! Please listen to this message and pray we find her! Please share this video and help me find my birth mother!” To read more about Noelle’s story, click here.


Noelle, like many other adoptees, recognizes the courage and selflessness it takes to place a child for adoption. She also realizes that her feelings for reunion may not be mutual. Regardless of her success in one day meeting her biological mother face-to-face, Noelle expresses her gratitude and love for the woman who gave a chance at a life of happiness.

To watch and share Noelle’s video click here.