It wasn’t long ago I was introduced to Shelby, an adoptive mother who did all she could to help her adopted child, finally relinquishing rights in order to get her child the needed help. Since writing that article, I’ve found that Shelby’s experience is far too common.

Many children, adopted through foster care or from an orphanage, have experienced significant trauma. Sometimes that early trauma leads to mental disorders or illnesses that require extreme specialized treatment so the child can grow to normal functionality. Sadly, those treatments are expensive and hard to come by. Many adoptive parents who have worked hard, loved hard, and consistently tried, eventually are led back to the system from which their children came. And more sadly, these children are denied available care until they are given back to the state.

This video shares a series of interviews with adoptive parents who have experienced the agony of relinquishment in order that their children will be given the care needed. It’s called trading custody for care.

What can be done? Read this article to learn about a grassroots movement that has begun in the state of Connecticut – a movement to get laws and practices changed for the good of our children.