Dakota and Isaac have been raised just 12 miles from each other, and until recently, Isaac didn’t even know he had a brother. Dakota, raised by his grandmother, met Isaac (adopted as a toddler) at a community swimming pool. Watch this video to see how they discovered their relationship.

Although Dakota and Isaac were not in foster care, they were two of many siblings who are separated at a young age. Today, one in three siblings separate when they are removed from their homes. For the trauma caused by losing parents, that number is too great. Siblings need each other for support, strength and for comfort. Keeping foster siblings together is a wish that all states have. And when they become adoptable, that is paramount. Unfortunately, older children and sibling groups seem to stay in the system the longest, leaving their chance for success just that: a chance.

Dakota and Isaac are now not only brothers, but best friends as well–never to be separated again.