Over four decades ago Elsie Ramirez lived in Puerto Rico with her husband, who was stationed at Ramey Air Force Base. When the couple decided to split, the husband got their two boys, Anthony and Raymond, who were only ten months apart in age. Overwhelmed, the dad took the situation to a trusted friend at the base’s social services office. The friend placed the younger of the boys with the Wiggs family. By 1973, Anthony’s adoption was finalized, and the family relocated to California. Raymond remained with his father, and they later moved to San Antonio, Texas.

Shortly after the loss of her sons, Ramirez moved to Massachusetts. She was never able to find the boys and was left heartbroken. As Anthony grew older he began to wonder about his biological family. His adoptive mother gave him his original birth certificate. After a period of searching, he located Raymond’s ex-wife. She connected the two. The brothers searched high and low for their mother to no avail. They thought she was dead.

In May, Anthony’s girlfriend gave him a DNA test for his birthday. It was the key that unlocked the answers they were looking for. Wiggs managed to find his mom’s best friend on Facebook. She gave him Elsie’s cell phone number. He called and left a message. When Ramirez listened to the message in a mall restroom, she shouted for joy. She returned the call and was able to speak to both brothers. After arrangements were made, the three met up at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. They spent the weekend together catching up. Ramirez got to hold her boys again, just as she had prayed for all those years.

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