It was our third Christmas with the Littles. Where has the time gone? The first year, we had to put a fence around the Christmas tree to keep everyone safe. Last year, they were still a little confused about the whole process. This year, they had it all figured out.

Three days before Christmas, The Blitz (3) observed both The Captain (5) and Tinker (4) sitting in time out. He came into the kitchen and said, “I be pretty good, right Mom? Santa gonna leave me presents and gifts?” I assured him they would all get presents and gifts; Santa just wants to know you try to make wise choices.

I noticed, in the weeks before Christmas, that I was feeling a bit wistful for the days before we had such a large family. I decided a Christmas Eve compromise was in order. We went to the children’s mass at 5:00 then came home and fed the younger children. The little ones then opened their Christmas Eve gift of pajamas and settled into them to watch a movie while the older folk dined. They enjoyed the evening much more without the need to be so good, and I enjoyed it more, too!

The real highlight, of course, was Christmas morning, when all three kids got to enjoy the bounty from Santa. They all got stick horses and hats, among other things, and have had a great time flying around the house on their horses. Of course I had to nix the sword fighting with the horses!

This Christmas felt “normal.” It seemed normal to shop for seven Christmas outfits, five pairs of pajamas, and stuffers for five stockings. It seemed normal to make a huge amount of food for Christmas Eve and not at all weird when our nuclear family outnumbered the guests! However, I am still having to adjust to the mammoth pile of presents a family of seven receives.

This year, Christmas really was all joy. Our family is adjusting to being a family, and I cannot imagine life without each one of us. So hang in there, young families– someday, all this craziness will seem normal.