Like the majority of the birth moms, placing your child is a very hard and long process to deal with but it is also a blessing that Parent Profiles site is available to us. I am a 28 year old with a 5 year old daughter. I found out I was pregnant and I was in disbelief as I had recently just got out of a shelter, blessed to get a job and my own place so I was just getting back on my feet but financially I was unable to care for my new baby and I was aware of that. So I decided to look into adoption but I had some guide lines so I researched adoption and I preferred to have an open adoption. I contacted some adoption agency’s but it was more of them trying to pick my child’s adoptive parents instead of me and I didn’t want that so I looked on Parent Profiles and read the couples letters everyday for about a month. I kept going back to this one couple’s letter every time I got on to the web site so I emailed them and I was straight forward with them about what I was looking for and what I expect and they were the same with me. I was indeed blessed to find a GREAT couple for my little princess.


I was blessed to have my adoption go smoothly and my daughter’s adoptive parents and I have a good relationship, which we had from the beginning, and I strongly believe that is because we started out being honest, and up front about any and everything. They were a big support factor for me because my family did not support my decision. I feel we were a match made in heaven I couldn’t ask for a more better family for my daughter then her adoptive parents because they truly love and take care of her and they treat her no different from their other kids. My daughter is no doubt loved from myself, my family and for sure her adoptive parents and friends. I and the adoptive parents have a great communication level and they are more then just my daughter’s adoptive parents in my eyes they are my friends and my angel’s. I will be honest with all the birth moms this is not an easy process, it is a process that you have to take a day at a time. And like other stories I have read on the web site the day you sign those papers is indeed hard and I can recall after they left my home me crying my head off, I knew in my heart I was doing what was best for my daughter and I was doing it because I love her so much and I wanted the best for her if I couldn’t give it to her. It was a hard process for me, I had got into a little depression, crying everyday, not eating but I also had to still take care of my 5 year old so I decided to go talk to a therapist and it helped a lot. I want anyone who is thinking about adoption to first do research and ask all the questions you have no matter what it is, be aware of what kind of arrangements you would like and communication is the key when finding a couple for your child.