Patti and Steve Fisher of Kansas are elated to finally have the adoptions of Prudence and Shawn finalized. Over the years the children have been in and out of their home through the foster care system. They first met the kids in 2013. During that time the children had supervised visits with their parents, and a diligent effort was made to put them back home for good. Things didn’t work out that way, and the parents relinquished their rights in 2016. The Fishers jumped at the opportunity to adopt them. They have always felt like family and experienced many firsts together.

Shawn has a striking resemblance to Patti and says he wants to be like Steve when he grows up. Pru is very protective of him and likes to be in control. The Fishers understand that’s because of everything she has gone through. They try be accommodating and let her make as many decisions as they can. They are encouraging the kids to have fun and enjoy their childhoods.

Patti was registered to foster before she met Steve, so when they couldn’t have a child of their own, this seemed like the natural fit. The couple is hosting a community event to raise awareness for foster care and adoption. They have collaborated with CASA, DCCCA, and KVC Health Systems to create a playdate called “Give Them A Future” at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on June 11th from 2 to 4:30pm. Information will be available to the public about the foster system and adoption. The Fishers want to stress the importance of respite care providers and mentors for foster children.

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