A Florida family has made a dream come true  for 9 siblings.

Jacob Smith, a full-time college student, was scrolling Facebook at 2 am when he ran across a post about 8 siblings who needed a home. He discussed the post with his wife, Peggy. The pair agreed that if they had the financial means, they would totally adopt them.

Jacob’s father, Thad Smith, had seen the Facebook post as well. He and his wife, Loryn, have been foster parents for a long time. They had already been contacted to see if they would be interested in the siblings. Jacob had conveyed to Loryn his desire to help. After some prayer and deliberation with her husband, she called Jacob. “Are you serious about the kids?” she asked.

The two couples decided that Jacob and Peggy would take the three younger siblings and Thad and Loryn would take the five older ones. The families only live a few house down the street from each other, so the siblings would be close and always have access to each other.

Jacob and Peggy were getting used to the idea of their new arrangement when they received an email saying the siblings’ mom just had a baby. “So that’s when the ninth child came in,” Peggy said. “Oh my word! Okay God, I guess we’re going to have a baby. He’s been a dream. He’s been really fun to have.”

The siblings had been in separate foster homes for a significant amount of time. She Smiths were happy to be able to provide a place where they could all stay together. Some people have called them crazy. Loryn responds by saying, “There is no doubt we are crazy, but we have patented 15 children full-time and fostered over 100 children through our years as foster parents. We feel like it boils down to if not us, then who?”

The Smiths are working with the Promise Love Foundation to raise the money to buy two new or gently used SUVs for their suddenly very large families. You can visit the website to make a donation towards their goal. The Promise Love Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists families financially with private domestic adoption and adoption from foster care.