Adoptive families are needed in all countries throughout the world.  Breakfast of Champions created this darling pro-adoption commercial for Four4 Adoption, a partnership of local authorities working together to help make adoption in the UK happen.

The group offers advice, support and education, guiding hopeful adoptive parents through the entire adoption process.  They know that life can be more rich and fulfilling as families are created and children are taken out of “the system” and placed into permanent, loving homes.

Four4 Adoption offers pre-adoption, adoption, and post-adoption support for adoptive families. Before one is even approved for adoption, the parent is assigned a Support Worker who will guide you and answer questions along the way. Once approval has taken place, the agency is very aware of the anxiety and anticipation that accompanies the sometimes long wait period. The parent’s Support Worker is also the parent’s cheerleader, and often becomes a friend! Post-adoption, when concerns or even simple questions arise, the same Support Worker is still there for the parent.

Four4 Adoption welcomes inquiries even if one hasn’t made a firm decision to adopt. Simply fill out the form and a Support Worker will be in touch with you.