Most people who have been adopted wonder and have questions about their biological family. However, in the past, most adoptions were closed, and adoptees were given little if any information about their biological family. It is human nature to want answers; we want to know of our biological parents. We want a feeling of closure. We want a feeling of knowing our history. And it was no different for Ryan Jon, a 30-year-old radio personality who was adopted at 6 weeks old, according to this news article.

Ryan grew up in a very loving home. But as he grew older, he had questions about his biological parents and sought answers. He used online and resources as well as DNA testing to track down extended family members. His efforts led him to finding his biological father. Because his biological father was not on social media, and Jon couldn’t send an email, Jon sent him an old-fashioned letter. In less than a week, Jon received an email back from his biological father.

The connection resulted with his biological father inviting Jon and his family for a visit over the holidays. Jon and his adoptive mother traveled to his home. Jon not only met his biological father, but he met his half-brothers as well.

While Jon does not have information about his biological mother yet, he feels meeting his biological father is one step closer for him. Jon was able to obtain a lot of knowledge about his heritage, past, and even medical history.

What is so interesting about this story is that when Jon’s biological father received his letter, he had no idea Jon existed. For 30 years Jon’s father lived without knowing he was alive. Jon stated that “when he found out about me the first time, he was actually annoyed that no one had told him earlier because he felt like he’d let me down. He was scared I’d be disappointed in him for being that absent father. But he hasn’t let me down, and I’m certainly not disappointed in him.”