Isaiah is an energetic, loving 8-year-old boy. He enjoys playing sports; his favorite ones are football and basketball. Isaiah has a personality that emanates joy, and he lights up a room simply by walking into it. Additionally, Isaiah loves to play outside and isn’t afraid of getting dirty for the sake of fun. Playing is what he enjoys, in general, but he really likes board games, listening to music, and going to the movies with friends. His favorite styles of music are rap and pop. Isaiah does well at school and genuinely enjoys being there around his teachers and fellow classmates.

Isaiah is currently available for adoption. His case does require that it be an open adoption so he may still have a relationship with his birth family. He will need to maintain contact with his biological family, specifically his mother and siblings. It has been deemed valuable for them to continue to be a part of his life.

The ideal home for Isaiah will be a two-parent home with other children for him to play with. He needs caring and supportive people in his life to lift him up. Isaiah is eager to dive into new adventures with his future family and live an active, fulfilled life with them.

Those interested in adoption must be over 18 with a stable income to be considered. Foster adoption requires training, interviews, and home visits to evaluate eligibility. To learn more about Isaiah, call the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 617-6273 or visit

MARE’s mission is clear. Their website states, “All children need and deserve to grow up in a permanent, loving family where they know they belong. We believe that there is a family for every waiting child. We look to a diverse group of individuals and families to come forward and consider building their family through adoption.”

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