Sometimes, as adoptive parents, we run out of good ways to keep our children’s birth parents in the loop. Sure, there’s the regularly scheduled visits and phone calls, birthday letters and Facebook messages. But sometimes we’re searching for something more meaningful, something that will really tell our children’s birth parents that they are loved and remembered.

Following are some ideas of little gifts we can send to birth parents to let them know we’re grateful to have them part of our lives:

  1. A lock of hair from our child’s first haircut
  2. Tracing our child’s hand each year and sending it to them with the child’s writing (or scribble)
  3. First homework assignment from each grade
  4. Band aid from first owie
  5. Letters to Santa each year
  6. Recording of first words
  7. A pieced wall quilt from your child’s clothes from the year
  8. The first ball your child hit in his/her T-ball game
  9. Tiara or hair piece from a first ballet recital
  10. Your child’s last pacifier
  11. A copy of your child’s favorite book
  12. A YouTube piano recital dedicated to the birth parent

Remember, if something is meaningful to you, it will probably be meaningful to your child’s birth parent. If it’s something you can’t part with, consider a creating a duplicate. (You can copy a letter to Santa, divide a lock of hair, etc.) Have fun and be imaginative! Everyone will benefit from your creative sharing.

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