Although actress Gianna Simone may best be known for her acting role in Mother’s Day alongside Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson, her passion is protecting children in foster care. Gianna recently responded to Bazaar’s Olivia Fleming as she reached out to ask about Gianna’s early life. 

Placed in the foster care system at age 14, Gianna lived in a group girls’ home and became fearful of just about everything. Navigating her young life through abuse and fear, Gianna was not thwarted, but worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a model.

Modeling led to acting, and the now-famous model attributes her success to the love shown to her by just a couple of people. Knowing that love has made a difference in her life, Gianna started a foundation to give kids in foster care a better chance at success.  She invites any who want to help make a difference to join in the cause.