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My Grandson, My First

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You are my special little boy
my grandson, my first!
And as I look apon your face
my heart just wants to burst!
Because I have so much love for you
waiting deep inside,
And as I hold you in my arms
my love I do not hide.
As my tears fall down to wash your precious face,
a sweetness fills the room.
And I am comforted in knowing
I will always be your grandma,
Even though you must leave us all to soon.
Gods plans are sometimes mysterious,
We don’t always understand,
But you were chosen for his purpose,
So we place you in God’s hands!
From the day that you were born
all our thoughts were for you.
And we continued to seek God
as to what was best for you.
So many things a baby needs,
so much more than just love.
And because you are special in His eyes!
And as you grow to know the Lord
fear & doubt will come.
But remember how much God loves you
and that he gave His only son.
Now precious little baby, the chosen day
and time have come,
And so we place you in loving arms
as you become their son.
And even though our hearts are aching
and we want to hold you tight,
We know that we must let you go
in order to do what’s right.
And as I hold you one last time,
my heart just wants to burst!
For you shall ALWAYS be my
special little boy,
My grandson, My first!

With much love,
your grandmother

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