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To Say Good-Bye

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The moment I saw you,
I knew deep in my soul.
That saying good-bye,
Would create in my heart a hole.
Your tiny fingers,
Ten perfect toes.
It was completely a miracle,
Seeing you, my love showed.
You were so perfect, so innocent, so pure.
I couldn’t believe I made you,
But giving you up,
Was something I wasn’t sure I could do.
But seeing them hold you.
The sparkles in their tired eyes.
Brought ease to my heart,
And love to my good-byes.
I knew the choice I was making was right, was good.
Giving you to them was something I should.
I left the hospital,
Without you that day.
With me a box of tissues,
As I stumbled away.
As the tears fell upon you,
As I whispered good-bye.
I told you I love you and always will.
Dear Baby, you are the first love of my life.
The choices I made for us,
I felt were right.
They will love you and hold you,
Sing you lullabies at night.
Give you more than I could now.
I believe this is right.
I will miss you, I will cry.
But everyday I will know,
I gave them the world,
When, to you, I said good-bye.
September 17, 2002

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