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To My Son, David

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My beautiful son came—& was gone,
Gone far away, leaving me alone.
With saddened heart & tearswept eye,
I longed for him as the years went by:
The touch of his hand, the sound of his voice,
A glimpse to make my heart rejoice.

Missed were the hugs & tiny wet kisses,
The little boy mischief & teenage wishes.
Growing to manhood away from my sight,
learning & doing all that is right.
Becoming a husband & father, in time;
Serving his country, whatever the clime.

Then he was back from his very long journey,
Back to his mama who’d waited his coming.
With outstretched arms & joyful heart,
I saw my my sweet little boy depart,
And in his place stood a handsome man,
Returned to me through Heaven’s plan.

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