On January 7, 2017, New Jersey’s Adoptees Birthright Act was celebrated during a formal ceremony in the State House. Two adult adoptees were given the information they had been seeking for decades. Both adoptees diligently searched for their beginnings, only to come to dead ends. But on Jan. 7th, they were finally rewarded. “From age 5 to years now, I’m 50, I have been wanting to know anything I can. But it bothered my mom if I asked, so I respected that,” said Theresa Carroll as she held the folder containing vital information to her chest.

Following her parents’ deaths, Carroll signed up for adoption registries and even hired a private investigator to find her birth parents. Now, she finally has the information she has been desperate to hold.

There were over 500 birth parents who registered to have their names removed from the birth certificates by the Dec. 31st deadline, thus maintaining their anonymity. Now, adoptees whose original birth certificates are in New Jersey have access to the information they need to know their roots.

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