Toni and Bob Benton of Maryland didn’t plan to have such a large family.  But each time a new child joined their family, they knew it was right.  Some of their children have special needs, but with health insurance, Toni tells us, that doesn’t matter.  And what of a college fund?  Well for now, the Bentons are focusing on supporting their children and giving them all of their love.  College will work itself out later.

At the peak of adoption from China (between 1995 – 2005) more than 60,000 Chinese orphans were adopted by American couples.  Since that time adopting from China has become more difficult.  China has eased up on its policy of only one child per family, making less children available for adoption, and more and more American families are choosing to adopt.  This means a longer wait period.  But for the Bentons, statistics don’t matter.  Big celebrators of the Chinese New Year, the Bentons are always thrilled to welcome a new child from China into their family.