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Joseph from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79944

Joseph is an inquisitive, talkative, and friendly child. He enjoys playing video games, playing with pets, and fixing things. He can be very observant and helpful. Joseph is typically friendly and courteous. He continues to work on developing quality relationships with caregivers and peers. He is also working to overcome challenges with coping skills. Joseph requires constant supervision. He benefits from positive reinforcement and support. Joseph is performing well academically. He utilizes extra support in the classroom to help him succeed. Joseph is a very intelligent child who excels in math and science. He has some challenges with reading and comprehension, unless it captures his interests. When Joseph is not doing some his favorite activities, he enjoys playing checkers or chess; exploring the outdoors; and learning about animals, especially fish, birds, and small dogs. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Joseph will do best in a home with strong parental figures and structure. The ideal family will provide him with ample love, support, and patience. He will do best with consistent rules, boundaries, and expectations, with positive reinforcement. Joseph will do best in a home with younger children or no other children.

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