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Reginald from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #65640

Reginald, who prefers to be called Reggie, is a youth who enjoys the company of others, but also likes time on his own. He is very personable and works hard to achieve his dreams. Reggie can be motivated when he is interested in the task at hand. He has an interest in trucks and toy cars. He is fascinated with Captain America and the Avengers and also enjoys video games. Reggie likes to be outdoors and riding his bike. He also enjoys reading. Reggie thrives in a very structured environment. He knows what he wants and may test the limits and boundaries. Reggie is a resilient child who is ready for his forever family.

Reggie needs a family who will be there for him. He has expressed a desire to have a family who will love him and support him through thick and thin. His ideal family will provide him with a daily routine and close supervision. Reggie will do best with a family that is consistent with the rules and boundaries, as well as following through with consequences. He hopes his forever family will be patient and kind. Reggie is accepting of all types of families, but would greatly appreciate a strong male figure in his life. A family with older children or no children is best suited to meet his needs. Reggie is open to living in the city, rural area, or suburban home. He does not have a lot of experience with pets, but is open to learning more. Reggie struggles with transition and change, so a family that enjoys staying close to home is preferred.

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