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Nicholas from Alabama



from Alabama

Nicholas, born November 2006, has a captivating smile. He is a very active and extremely cheerful child. He is very loving. Nicholas loves to draw and to play video games. He loves to watch tv and his favorite shows are Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and Sponge Bob. He reports he is very interested in going to church and learning more about the Bible. Nicholas loves being around other people and he loves to make other people laugh and be happy. He would like to be able to be involved in sports such as basketball. If he could plan a day that is all about him, it would be at the zoo and he would eat ice cream all day long. Nicholas is a little helper and enjoys his chores. A two parent forever family with no other children who can offer Nicholas all the understanding, patience, security, and love he needs would be the best forever home for him. Photograph courtesy of