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Isiah from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Isiah is very personable and friendly, but tends to remain shy and quiet until he gets to know you. Like most teens, he loves playing video games, watching television, and movies. His favorite movie is Jumanji. Isiah is a good student in school and is proud of his academic achievements. He enjoys talking about any subject and also shares what's on his mind through writing and drawing. He is also in the school band and plays the baritone. Isiah prefers both indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor activities Isiah enjoys include fishing and hiking. Isiah is very tech savvy and enjoys watching experimental videos on YouTube. He also considers himself to be very good at ?fixing things? that are technology based, such as a tablet and computers. Isiah would like a forever family that will support his dream of becoming an electrical technician, who lives in a rural area, and has both a male and female figure in the home. Isiah expressed an interest in wanting to go camping, fishing, and to learn to build things with his hands. Computer access is a must! Even though Isiah likes the outdoors, he has often joked that he would not be able to live anywhere without Wi-Fi. Isiah has lived as an only child, with siblings, and states that he has no preference as to if there are other children in his forever home or not. However, he has indicated that he might enjoy being the youngest child in the home. Isiah has experienced many losses in his young life and needs a family who will help him heal by offering him unconditional love and support. Isiah is legally free for adoption.