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Ronald from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Let's get right to it: I'm not like other individuals my age, but I don't want to let my challenges define who I am as a person. I don't know any different. I can't change how I am. I'm unable to describe to you in words my feelings, as I'm non-verbal, but I can express my emotions to you through noises and sounds. I will say I don't let my disability define me. I'm one unique, silly, and overall happy guy. A family who's interested in me needs to know I require lots of individual attention, as I need some extra TLC, day and night. I'm unable to do many things on my own, and need a family with tons of patience and a calm demeanor. I'm routine driven by nature, as routines help keep me cool, calm, and collected (although, I will say, this method isn't always fool proof, it's the thought that counts, right). A family fit for my needs is one that is very low-key. I won't say I don't like going on outings in the community, I just don't want them to be too crowded or noisy as I can get easily overwhelmed. When I'm at home, I enjoy spending time playing catch with a ball, battling the tickle monster, and playing chase. Ultimately, I dream of a family who is willing to accept me for me and take on the responsibilities of caring for me as their own. I don't have requirements as to the make-up of my family, whether that is husband and wife, or same-sex, or of a different ethnicity, as long as they feel they can meet my many needs. Other children in the household are okay, seeing as I grew up with a sister. It would be beneficial for me if you lived in the country or suburbs to cut down on the noises of the city. It would also be great if the schools in the area have an awesome program for kids with special needs. Oh, I almost forgot, a family pet wouldn't be too shabby! I'm going to be honest, taking care of me can seem like so much, but I promise you I'm completely worth it in the end. I have so much to give to a family; I just need the right people and the most supportive environment I can get to help bring out my full potential. Although Ronald is not yet legally free for adoption, once a family is identified for him, the county will pursue termination of parental rights. If you would like to know more about me you can contact my worker, Julianna Zimmerman, at, since she knows me well, and was able to describe my world and thoughts perfectly. You can also call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.
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