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Alyssa from Texas



from Texas

Alyssa is a loving and caring teenager. She gets along with peers and adults, and will do most anything for those she cares for. She enjoys getting her nails done, putting on eyelashes and makeup, and doing her hair. She is talented at drawing and likes to spend her time drawing. She is active and enjoys playing sports and exercising. Alyssa likes to listen to music while spending time with her friends. She is described by others as kind, loyal, and respectful. She is open-minded and is up to try new experiences. Alyssa aspires to be a doctor of some kind in her future, and has expressed interest in neurology. She believes the sky is the limit when it comes to her future! Alyssa will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Alyssa's forever family will be structured, nurturing, and patient. Het forever family will be understanding and supportive of Alyssa. Ideally, Alyssa would do best in a home with a strong positive female role model. Her family will be supportive of her needs.

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