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Annapatience from Texas



from Texas

Annapatience is a creative and artistic child who loves crafts and video games. She loves to sing and write her own songs, and draws satisfaction from individual attention. Annapatience is very passionate and likes to write in her journals about her daily life. She likes art projects, dancing, bike riding, and Wii video games. Annapatience wants to be engaged in something fun and meaningful and wants to feel like she's part of something. She is very active and high energy and loves to be playing outside. Annapatience also has a laid back side and likes to spend her time watching movies. Whether doing crafts or playing outside, Annapatience's loving attitude and smile will brighten anyone's day. Annapatience is looking to expand her bonds of love with a forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

The ideal forever family will be patient, understanding, and committed. They will understand that Annapatience will need support as she grows and matures and will give her the freedom and love while doing so. The ideal family will also be able to understand and appropriately cope with Annapatience's behaviors and frustrations. The ideal forever family will also model positive and strong family relationships where home life is highlighted by outside activities, arts and crafts, and a structured environment.

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