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Brian from Texas



from Texas

Brian is a very active and adventurous child. At times, he can be quiet and timid. He enjoys exploring outside, learning about new things, riding his bike, and running. He enjoys watching Anime, cartoons, and drawing. He also likes to play with toy action figures, remote control cars, Roblox and other video games on his tablet. His favorite action hero is Spiderman. Brian's favorite foods he enjoys eating are spaghetti, omelets, and chicken alfredo. He responds positively to redirection. He benefits from motivation and encouragement to complete daily tasks, class assignments and homework. Brian is a child on the Autism Spectrum. He is verbal, can feed and dress himself, and can complete hygiene tasks. Brian is a child who enjoys interacting with others and looks forward to joining his forever family!

Brian's forever family will provide him structure, consistency, and patience. He will benefit from a family that will allow him to build trust at his own pace and be able to provide constant affection and show him love and support. His family will motivate him to do his best in school and assist him with his academics. His family will be willing to ensure that he receives the most appropriate services available. He will thrive in a family that can provide a loving, safe and nurturing environment. Brian's family will devote a lot of time to allow him to express his feelings at his own pace. Brian's family will be willing to keep the lines of communication open when the child feels ready to discuss emotional concerns. Brian will do well in a two-parent family with a positive and reliable support system.

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