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Brianna from Texas



from Texas

Brianna is a very bouncy child. She loves to have parties, play with animals, and play in the dirt. She absolutely loves Chinese food. Brianna like to do outdoor things such as going to the park or playing volleyball, but she also like to stay in and play a game with her family. She likes to swim and go places with her family, especially to the pet store. In school, Brianna's favorite class is English. Brianna is working on learning better ways for her to cooperate and interact with her peers and authority figures. She can be a "girly-girl", but she is also a tomboy at heart. Brianna likes to make others laugh and enjoys telling jokes. She also likes to sing, but will only sing for you if she knows you well.

Brianna will be best matched with a family who is loving, nurturing, and committed to her. She will thrive in a home with structure, routine, and clearly defined boundaries. Brianna needs individual attention from her caregivers, as well as attention within the family setting. Her family needs to be committed to ensuring continued contact with her other siblings, who are not part of this adoption. Brianna needs a family who will not only love her, but be her voice and advocate for her. Her family will need clear rules in their home and enforce them consistently.

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