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Chase from Texas



from Texas

Chase is a bright and energetic child with a vivid imagination. He especially loves football! Chase enjoys spending his free time playing football with his brother and his friends. He is creative and loves to draw. He also loves to play at the park with his friends and his siblings. Chase enjoys playing with race cars, playing video games and watching movies. He loves his role as a big brother. Chase likes to try new food and enjoys going out to eat at restaurants. He loves animals and enjoys going to the zoo to see all the animals. Chase is thriving in school. He is very inquisitive and observant of the things around him. Chase loves nature and enjoys being outdoors. He also loves to be around people and has a big personality.

Chase, Jaquon and Hollie are an energetic sibling trio who are full of fun. These siblings love spending time together whether they are outside riding their bikes or inside playing on their tablets. The siblings play well together, and they consider each other to be best friends. Together they love to watch movies, make arts and crafts, paint, and draw. Chase and Jaquon love sports and playing video games while Hollie loves helping around the house and enjoys playing at the playground. Chase, Jaquon and Hollie love to eat and are no strangers to food. This sibling trio is known for their infectious smiles. They can light up any room. They are sweet, kind, and caring. They make friends easily and are a joy to be around.

Chase's forever family will be one that is structured in their routines, and their schedules are consistent and predictable. His family will be a loving and patient family who will set firm boundaries to help guide him while making sure he feels safe and secure. Chase's family should be active and support him in participating in sporting activities.

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