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Chasity from Texas



from Texas

Chasity is a lovely youth who enjoys being around others, although she sometimes appears shy. Chasity is slightly verbal and can communicate her needs in short sentences. She will point at the things she wants or needs and mimic others. She communicates primarily using facial expressions, body language, and limited sign language. Chasity understands conversations and directions. She is most successful in doing tasks correctly when rewarded for her achievement. She loves praise and lets everyone around her know when she's accomplished a task. Chasity is polite to others and will say 'please", "thank you," and "sorry." She enjoys helping others and does well around younger children. Chasity has a reported diagnosis of Chronic Ataxia, Hypotonia, and Esotropia and will requires supportive care and guidance into adulthood. She can independently feed herself using utensils and drink from a cup. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Chasity requires assistance with grooming and hygiene tasks but can dress/undress herself. She is goal driven and pushes herself to become more independent in her daily life skills tasks. Chasity attends school regularly and benefits from additional supportive services and accommodations in the classroom. Chasity has a favorite backpack and blanket which makes her happy. Chasity enjoys being outdoors, running, playing with dolls, and going to the playground. She loves pulling wagons and being in water (splash pads, waterparks, pools). She enjoys making art and coloring.

Chasity's forever family will be supportive, patient and committed to meeting her needs through adulthood. A small family of one or two children would be preferable, as Chasity needs moderate special attention. Having siblings will also give Chasity the ability to learn socially, and learn to make sibling bonds and connections. Chasity requires a loving family to help her acclimate to her new home. Chasity's family will be accepting and loving. The family will be sensitive to Chasity's unique needs, communication style and developmental delays. Her family will encourage and help her achieve her educational goals and desire to become more independent. Her family will understand the needs and characteristics of a child on the Autism Spectrum. A structured home with scheduled routines would be of benefit to Chasity.

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