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Francisco from Texas



from Texas

Francisco is a quirky, silly, and light-hearted teenager. He loves to have fun and laugh, and he does not take life too seriously. Francisco enjoys many typical activities of children his age, he loves to ride his bike, skateboard, play backyard football, and video games. He has a laidback and calm personality; he enjoys spending time doing various activities with his foster brothers. Francisco enjoys watching sports on television and listening to rap music. He creates his own raps, and aspires to be a rap artist when he grows up. Francisco is also very mechanically minded and loves working with his hands and creating things. He has a desire to graduate high school and become a successful adult. He will need a family who can continue to encourage and guide him in his future.

He will do well in a family who is fun-loving and does not take themselves too seriously. He needs a family who will provide educational support and guidance. He has expressed the desire to have a strong father figure in his life and has requested a single father.

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