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Grayson from Texas



from Texas

Grayson is a sweet and lovable child. He responds positively when others speak to him; he will move his head around in an effort to find the individual talking to him. He enjoys a nice, calming voice as this helps him remain relaxed. Grayson is medically fragile and is diagnosed with multiple conditions, including pulmonary hypertension, and chronic respiratory failure. He is non-verbal due to a tracheotomy, and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Although he is not able to verbally communicate, he can "speak" with his eyes, and acknowledges people when speaking. Grayson requires a bed adapted for his medical needs as well as safety. He remains indoors for the majority of his day as a precaution to keep him illness free.

Grayson will thrive best in a loving environment where the family is willing to take time to be in his presence. His family will spend time reading and talking to him directly. He will be totally dependent on others for daily and medical care, as well as life-sustaining care.