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Heriberto from Texas



from Texas

Heriberto is a teen with a big heart who likes to have time to himself, but he also likes spending time with others. He enjoys having a grandmother and grandfather that spoils him. He was involved in karate at school before the virus and would like to continue it. He would like to be involved in other activities that may interest him as he gets older. He enjoys fishing with his foster dad, going on family camping trips on the river, and at the Indian reservation. He knows he has lots to explore and learn so he likes trying new things and ask lots of questions.

Juan is the big brother that will help his siblings with their homework. He offers advice when they are not making good choices. Heriberto tends to be off by himself playing with his Legos or out on the tree swing. He also enjoys hanging out with his big brother. The two of them enjoy going fishing with their foster dad. Silvia and Lizbeth enjoy sitting quietly together, watch TV, and swimming. Lizbeth enjoys reading and learning in school. The girls sometimes have competitive moments with each other but still enjoy hanging out together. They all have a loving sibling bond.

Heriberto's forever family will be loving and nonconfrontational. His forever family will provide he and his siblings with a safe and happy place to live. His forever family will encourage him to participate in extracurricular activities. His forever family will enjoy giving and receiving lots of hugs.

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