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Hunter from Texas



from Texas

Hunter is a growing, young boy with a great, infectious smile that appears anytime you interact with him. Hunter lights up when someone talks to him or takes him outside. He especially enjoys strolls outside in his wheelchair during the day and being outside when the weather is nice. Hunter participates in physical therapy to strengthen his legs, an activity that provides him with some freedom of motion. Hunter communicates through making eye contact, noises, and motions with his hands. Once he creates a bond with you, he is not soon to forget who you are and will greet you with a smile and excitement. He has a calm demeanor and a hearty appetite. He enjoys all kinds of foods. Second to a trip outside, Hunter's favorite time of day is when he gets to watch his favorite cartoon, SpongeBob Squarepants. If you share in any of these activities, you will quickly see why Hunter is loved by all who meet him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Hunter's family will be willing to learn to care for his special needs and advocate for his best care. They will have the ability and education to continue to meet his long term needs. He is limited in his ability to express his emotions or give feedback and his future family will need to be open to this. Hunter will do well in a home with or without other children.

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