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Javier from Texas



from Texas

Javier is a sweet and caring young man. He values his personal space and independence as a young adult. He wants to learn to be more courageous. He enjoys going to school and bettering his education. He has a huge interest in ROTC and wants to join the program when he returns to school. He prefers art and reading over competitive sports but enjoys playing basketball, soccer and, football for fun with other kids is age. He strives to be the best person he can and looks forward to a bright future for himself. He enjoys going to the beach or the lake, he enjoys different water activities. He also likes being around animals and wants to have his own dog one day. Javier has shown tremendous growth in his own well-being. He is striving to be more optimistic and considers his actions before reacting to situations. He continues to thrive through utilizing specific, positive coping methods. He has learned how to consistently apply them in his everyday life. As he gets older, he is more body conscious and self-aware. He's expressive about his internal emotions and how to work through them.

Javier's forever family will be patient, structured, loving, and provide consistent routine. His forever family will need to allow Javier to feel safe and comfortable and explore his independence. Javier needs to have a home that will support him wanting a relationship with his siblings. Javier is open to different family dynamics. He desires a two-parent household and would benefit from having siblings in the home. His family will be able to support his emotional needs as he matures into an adult. He desires his forever family who will support him into adulthood. His forever family will support him into becoming the best version of himself.

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