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Jennifer from Texas



from Texas

Jennifer is a quiet and shy youth. She can be talkative around the other children in the home with her. Jennifer is a kind, sensitive, beautiful, respectful, and caring child. She has a very happy personality who loves to be around others. She is well-mannered but can be distant at first. Jennifer enjoys applying her make-up. She loves to play outdoors, especially playing with her foster siblings. Jennifer loves watching television and Annabelle cartoons. Jennifer benefits from structure and some redirection, and she can follow through with directives. Jennifer love to dance and listen to Hispanic music. She loves to be around people most of the time. Jennifer gets along well with her peers and adults most of the time. She loves eating good, homemade meals and looks forward to joining her family for a meal!

Jennifer will do well in a two-parent family. Her family will be able to provide a lot of structure in a safe, secured, nurturing environment. Jennifer will thrive with consistency, adequate supervision, and encouragement. She deserves a family who will provide her with positive role model, love, and affection. Caring parents who can dedicate time to building trust and confidence with Jennifer will be ideal. Jennifer will do well in a family who can show her love.

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