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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah is a happy, smart, and energetic child. He loves outdoor activities and likes to play basketball and soccer. Josiah is a big Pokemon fan and enjoys watching his Pokemon DVD as often as possible. Josiah is an excellent eater and loves to eat bean and cheese tacos, spaghetti, enchiladas, oranges, and apples. Josiah is fun loving and adventurous. He describes himself as silly, friendly, nice, and happy. Josiah stated he would like to be Spiderman someday and stated it is his favorite super hero. Josiah does well academically and has minimal academic issues in school. Josiah is a smart child and needs stable redirection as well as one on one supervision.

Elie and Josiah are an active and fun loving sibling pair with plenty of charisma and hearts full of hopes and dreams. They consider each other team mates and have a strong sibling connection. They look forward to being with one another and having a family who supports their dreams and passions. The brothers are an active pair and enjoy outdoor activities such as, swimming, bike riding, and sports. The boys love to climb trees and have high energy. Elie is the oldest and loves to talk. He loves Pokemon and enjoys playing video games. He is adventurous and hopes to travel to New Mexico and New York. Josiah is a quiet and energetic child. He loves to play outside and is also a big fan of Pokemon. These two fun loving, smart, and energetic children are looking forward to sharing their love and adventurous personalities with a great family.

Josiah is anxiously awaiting for his forever! He will benefit from a family who has a moderately high level of structure, supervision, and support. Josiah will benefit from a family that is active and enjoys the outdoors. He will do well with family willing to provide him with unconditional support and guidance, and a family who is willing to work through any issues from his past. Josiah has expressed the desire for a family in Texas, as he would like to stay connected with his older brother. Josiah needs a family willing to advocate for him while providing new challenges to encourage his progress.

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