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Kallerion from Texas



from Texas

Kallerion is said to be an inquisitive girl. She is sweet, kind, and a very helpful youth. She enjoys playing games on the Xbox and watching cartoons on TV. She says she likes all types of food, but she really likes cheese crackers and chicken. Kallerion enjoys listening to music. She likes learning and likes to play educational games. She likes going to the arcade to play games and the theater to see movies. Kallerion likes laughing at jokes others tell her, but she also likes telling jokes. She likes being outside and jumping on her trampoline. She loves Pokemon and playing with kinetic sand. She likes school and enjoys science class. She likes animals and fishing. Like many girls, Kallerion also enjoys dancing and shopping.

Kallerion would like a two-parent family. Her forever family will be loving, kind, and patient. Kallerion would like to be the only child in the home.

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