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Kanzes from Texas



from Texas

Kanzes is a friendly and spirited youth. She is a natural leader and self-advocate. Kanzes enjoys listening to music, singing, dancing and gymnastics, bike-riding, swimming, and cooking. She also likes being the center of attention. She enjoys school and needs individualized educational supports for her to be most successful. Kanzes continues to make great strides to manage her emotions, especially when she is told that she cannot have something she wants or she cannot do something that she wants to do. She needs guidance and patience so she can continue her emotional work. Kanzes requires increased supervision with other children. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Kanzes will benefit most from a two-parent family with no other children or no younger children in the home. She needs a family who will be unwavering in their commitment to her well-being and true desire to claim her as their own. Kanzes's ideal family will be patient and understand that her emotional state can be fragile at times. A family skilled in attachment and trauma approaches will be highly beneficial. Kanzes's family will commit to ensuring she receives any supportive services needed.