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Kattie from Texas



from Texas

Kattie is a very loving and warm child who loves to be loved. She likes to have a sense of belonging. Kattie makes friends easily and gets along with everyone. She really enjoys reading and being read to. Kattie likes to play board games. She also enjoys playing video games and feels she is good at them. Kattie enjoys going outside for walks sometimes. Though, in general, she prefers to be inside where she can relax and be herself. Kattie likes to draw or paint, and she likes most arts and crafts. Kattie loves school but history isn't her favorite class. She benefits from additional support with school, though she enjoys learning. Kattie wants to be a cosmetologist when she gets older. She is interested in attending community college in order to pursue cosmetology.

Kattie will do well in either a small or large family, with any type of composition. She gets along well with younger children and would enjoy having siblings of either gender. Kattie wants a family who loves and cares for her and can give her the attention she craves. Kattie is not particular on a location for a home, but she is hopeful that she will be able to have a pet. She will benefit from a family with knowledge about diabetes and who will be able to help her monitor her blood sugar. Her family will continue to be involved in her life into adulthood.

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