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Kemahri from Texas



from Texas

Kemahri is a sweet child who has lots of emotions. When he is excited about something, it shows. He loves to dance and show off his "moves." He loves sports and hopes to play football for the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos one day. He enjoys tossing the football around every chance he gets. At times, Kemahri can be sensitive and can get his feelings hurt easily. When this happens, he seeks to be comforted. Kemahri can struggle with subjects in school and does best when someone is patient and sits down with him and assists him with working at this own pace. Like his older brother, Kemahri tends to seek attention and praise from his caregivers.

Damahri and Kemahri are both sweet children who crave acceptance and praise. They are both athletic and enjoy sports. The boys enjoy a variety of activities and look for opportunities to play new sports to discover what new interests they may find. A few of their favorite interests and hobbies include football, basketball, and attending church events. Both boys are social and love to be around other children. Damahri and Kemahri are close and protective of each other. Damahri is the oldest and looks after Kamahri. They boys like video games and can get competitive. They are well-mannered children and look forward to finding their forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

He will do best in a family who can help him promote his interests and allow him to be involved in activities in which he excels. He will benefit from a strong role model. With his love of sports, it will be beneficial for Kemahri to have a parent or siblings who share his interest. Kemahri will do well in a family who is consistent with their discipline and will be patient with him while he adjusts to his new home. His ideal family will be one who is active in family activities and will allow him to be involved in extracurricular activities.