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Keyona from Texas



from Texas

Keyona is a friendly and outspoken youth who enjoys lots of physical activity including free play where she can be inventive and imaginative. She likes to learn about new activities and has shown an interest in gymnastics and cooking. In addition, she enjoys playing with animals and using technology. She has the ability to get along well with others however, she shows to be self-reliant. Keyona enjoys attention from others and can be very persuasive when it comes to her particular point of view. She is able to follow directions and does well with clear expectations. She also does well with a high degree of individualized attention with continual encouragement. She enjoys learning. She is captivated by animals and science. Currently, she benefits from support services to assist in academic arenas. She is learning to effectively channel her emotions through weekly supportive services. Keyona is learning to improve her coping skills as she grows and develops into a pre-teen.

Keyona's forever family will provide a good balance of patience, structure, and consistency. In addition, her family will promote education as she continues on her educational journey. Her forever family will support her love of sports, arts, animals, and spending times outdoors. Her family will provide support services and close attention for Keyona and her psychological, social, and emotional needs. Lastly, Keyona has a close bond with her younger siblings and wishes to keep in contact.

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