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Leah from Texas



from Texas

Leah is an outgoing teenage girl. Leah has been open to new opportunities and is currently participating in ROTC. Still, she also enjoys sports and the competition it cultivates, as well as playing the trumpet in the band. Leah has played basketball in the past and wants to play again. Leah is a typical teenager who is a social media junkie and enjoys being on TikTok with her friends. Leah adores music of any kind and can commonly be seen listening to music on her headphones, especially when she has had a rough day. Leah says, "give me my earbuds and music, and I'll be fine in an hour." She also enjoys writing in her journal and drawing; she is very talented with her artwork. Leah will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Leah's forever family will continue to encourage her relationship with her siblings and some extended family. Leah's family will set clear expectations, boundaries, and mutual respect. Leah's family will be open minded and accepting of different lifestyles, religions, and beliefs.

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