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Marilyn from Texas



from Texas

Marilyn is a sweet, smart, and loving teenager. She is very driven. Marilyn is currently in dual enrollment earning college and high school credits. She aspires to have a career in the medical field. Marilyn is very focused on her studies, and is a very responsible teenager. She has siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, who she still continues to have contact with, but is looking forward to finding a forever family. Marilyn is really into fashion. She loves doing her hair and make-up. Marilyn is also loves animals, especially dogs. Marilyn is very mature for her age, and is very independent. Marilyn is not afraid to be outspoken, and stand up for herself. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Marilyn will do well with a family who is experienced in parenting. It will be beneficial to Marilyn to be a part of a family who is very loving, and supportive in helping her to reach her goals and dreams. Marilyn would also like her family to be open and supportive in her maintaining a relationship with her siblings.